Coronavirus Champions

Our Weekly Challenges and Stories

Hand Wash Jingle Challenge 1

Bore da pawb! Good morning everyone!

We may not see each other as a school community on a day to day basis, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep in touch – but remotely!!

I would like to set a ‘Challenge of the Week’ for you to achieve. We are making space on the front page of our website to display your entries on a weekly basis. It will be called “Champions Challenges!”
It will be a platform where we can show that we are working together to beat the virus that is surrounding us at the moment.


As you know, one thing we can do to conquer this virus is to wash our hands. The guidelines states that we should wash for 20 seconds, or sing 2 rounds of happy birthday. Let’s spice this up a bit! I would like you to create your own ‘jingle’ to encourage people to wash their hands. It can be in any style you like – operatic, jazz, pop, in Queen style, in Dance Monkey style – be creative and have fun with it!! Create a little video of what you’ve achieved – get your mums, dads, and anybody who lives in your house to be a part of it.

Send your video clips to me on my email account or post here!

So – get thinking, get creating and let’s keep our school community alive – but remotely! Looking forward to seeing your entries!!

You never know – there may be a cheeky little entry from the staff!!!

Stay safe

Well done everyone!

What makes us grateful Challenge 2

Bore Da Pawb! Good Morning Everyone!
Ok, so we all feel a little bit sad that we are not together at school at the moment. We are missing you all lots so I thought it would be nice for us to have a little daily challenge this week to make us all smile.
I want to know 3 things…
What are you grateful for today?
What are you looking forward to today?
What has made you smile today?
I’ll go first…
I am grateful for the sunshine and dry weather.
I’m looking forward to a family FaceTime with my older sons not at home tonight.
Doing my ‘Daily Mile’ in the sunshine with Morgan, Mr Phillips and Mali, our chocolate lab, before breakfast this morning.
So… our Coronavirus Champion Challenge for this week…

hallenge 1 – share your 3 things via video or design a poster and photograph and make us smile.
Challenge 2 – ask everyone who is at home with you the same 3 questions and find out what has made them happy today too.
Challenge 3 – ask the people in your house to ask 1 of their friends the same 3 questions.
Let’s see if we can spread our smiles far and wide!
Looking forward to hearing your 3 things.
Thank you to those who sent us some great jingles last week. They have been tweeted and will be put on to our website this week.
We are also uploading videos this week of staff reading stories for you all.
Take care pawb. Stay safe.
Mrs P

Rainbow Challenge 3

This week’s challenge is one that many of you may have already done… showing your appreciation for those Key Workers who are keeping essential services going.

Every week the whole country now give a round of applause to NHS workers.
I’d like to see as many of your rainbows.

It can be in the form of a poster for your window or a banner in your front garden for all to see. They say that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow – these key workers could be seen as that gold at this difficult time.
So get creating if you haven’t already, and send us a photo of your creation in place so that we can tweet and let everybody see what you’ve been up to.

Looking forward to seeing your entries.Thank you to the ones who sent us some great hand wash jingles .

Take care and Stay safe.

Mrs P

Amazing effort again everyone! I am very proud of you all.

Captain Tom Moore’s Birthday Celebrations Challenge 4


This week’s challenge – Captain Tom Moore’s 100 Birthday

What a hero this man truly is! Over £18 million raised so far and he is still walking… Wouldn’t be good to give Captain Moore an amazing birthday by sending him as many letters or birthday cards as possible?

Photograph your cards and/or letters and post them on here.


I have added information below about Captain Tom and his amazing fundraising challenge. There are some for the older children and others aimed at the younger children so everyone can take part.

Llanmiloe Appreciates the work of our very own Key Workers – Challenge 5

This week’s Coronavirus Champion Challenge was top secret from the rest of the staff ssshhh! – hence why I only emailed it to all families!
Every week on a Thursday at 8pm, we all stand outside and clap for our NHS and key worker staff.
So… I thought it would be really great if this week we could all work together to create a thank you message for all our teachers, support staff and kitchen and lunchtime/breakfast staff.
All of our wonderful staff are working extra hard at the moment!
Some are working at Griffith Jones Hub for key worker children and/or at home to help keep your learning going. Some are busy everyday providing feedback to your uploaded work, lots of them are creating story time videos and messages for you as well as coming up with fun creative ways of providing your learning remotely!
Some are busy making sure our school is deep cleaned ready for us to go back safely.
Lots of them are also trying to juggle their own children and their home learning too!
I know they are all missing being together with you in school and can’t wait to get back so, if you could record them a message to say thank you or share something they have done that you have really enjoyed since you have been home I can pull them all together in a video.
I will send it to them and hopefully make them smile too!
Remember… top secret though!
Any questions please just get in touch.
Mrs P
Challenge Complete!
They really appreciated your hard work and yes, it really did make them smile!
Our best challenge so far…. 87% of our pupils took part.

Are you sitting comfortably? The we will begin…

At Llanmiloe School, we love reading and stories! While we can’t be together for our daily story time, our staff will be reading thier favourite stories to you on here…

Click on the stories you would like to hear…

Mrs Miller’s Superworm Story

Mrs Miller’s Rainbow Fish Story

Miss Morgan’s Pirates at the Supermarket Story 

Mrs Harry’s Five Minutes Peace Story

Mrs Harry’s Quiet Night In Story

Amser Stori gyda Mrs Cook – Weithiau dwi’n teimlo’n heulog

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Story – Chapter 1

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Story – Chapter 2

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink – Chapter 3

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink – Chapter 4

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink – Chapter 5

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink – Chapter 6

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 7

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 8

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 9

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 10

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 11

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 12

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 13

Mrs Southam’s Mr Stink Chapter 14

Mr Davies’ Harry Potter – Chapter 1

Mr Davies’ Harry Potter – Chapter 2

Mr Davies’ Harry Potter – Chapter 3

Mr Davies’ Harry Potter – Chapter 4

Harry Potter with Morgan – Chapter 5 Pt 1

Mrs Bransden’s How to Not Go To School Story

Mrs Bransden’s Dragon Poems

Mrs Miller’s Favourite Poems

Miss Morgan’s Favourite Poem -The Trouble With My Brother

5 Ways to Wellbeing – Challenge 6 and 7



For a copy of the pack click here

I look forward to seeing your pictures of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing!
The challenge is organised by The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. They would also like you to share your activities on social media using the links or hashtags below.
Don’t forget to include the school’s Twitter account too.
@schoolLlanmiloe. #wellbeingchallenge20. Charlie Waller Memorial Trust @CharlieWallerUK @CharlieWTrust
Alternatively just send me your pictures via our closed facebook page or email instead.

Re-opening of Llanmiloe School


The Minister for Education in Wales Kirsty Williams recently announced that schools willreopen on Monday 29th June 2020 so that all learners have the opportunity to ‘Check in, Catch Up and Prepare for Summer and September’.

In her announcement, she highlighted that there will be a phased approach in each school. Classes will be split into cohorts with staggered starts, lessons and breaks.

It is expected that this willmean, at most, a third of pupils present at any one time, though schools may need time to reach this level of operation.

There will be much smaller classes, providing secure dedicated time with teachers and classmates. This time will include online and personalised classroom experience, getting children and teachers ready for a similar experience in September.

Therefore, the last three weeks of the year offer a very good opportunity for us to welcome all our children back, for us to check in and catch up on their wellbeing. We will also be able to familiarise all our children with what the ‘new normal’ looks like. This will be most helpful to build confidence and reduce anxiety now; otherwise the return in September will be harder again for the children.

We understand that you may be anxious about sending your child back to school. This booklet sets out all the measures we are taking to reduce the risk of infection and hopefully reassure you that your child can return to school safely and start to benefit again from all the experiences they have in school.

We have worked closely with the Local Authority when planning and undertaking the preparation of our infrastructure to safely allow our school to re-open.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking the Local Authority, Governing Body, and Staff for all playing a vital role in achieving this ‘new normal’ at Ysgol Gymunedol Llanmiloe Community School, in such a short space of time.

I am confident that the information and measures we have put in place, will be extremely helpful for you and hopefully provide additional reassurances to yourselves when making your decision as parents and carers.

Thank you in advance, for your support and hard work, in adding value to our pupils’ experiences, and overall development at Ysgol Gymunedol Llanmiloe Community School.

Information guides for parents and pupils

Our New Normal

The challenge for the week is based on a competition that was set by the Duchess of Cambridge and the National Portrait Gallery. She launched a competition for photographs to capture the COVID-19 Lockdown.
I think this is a great idea and I would like to create some display here at the school to celebrate how you – our families – have coped during this time. The link to the competition is:- Hold Still Competition

There are 3 categories – Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal and Acts of Kindness.
I know many of you will have many photos for all these categories already but you also have some ideas of new ways to capture what lockdown has meant for you as a family!

Please post your photos on our Facebook page or send them to myself with a title which captures the moment.
Can’t wait to see them.

Perhaps the staff will join in with you too this week so we can all be part of this display!

Here is the video of all your fantastic entries.

As Einstein said…”In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.” This is absolutely true of the way Llanmiloe School and its community have adapted.