Our Curriculum Journey at Llanmiloe

Click on our curriculum rationale draft above to see a PDF copy of what we are working on as a school at the moment.

At Llanmiloe School, we are very much still on our journey to 2022 and the Curriculum for Wales. It is an exciting time for education and the children and young people of Wales!

As a school, we started our journey by focusing on the foundations of the new curriculum, the Four Purposes. The children designed characters that they felt represented the qualities and characteristics of the purposes.

Our Governing Body then had the really hard job of choosing 4 winning designs. This was really useful for our Governors to also gain a better understanding of the Four Purposes.

The 4 winning designs were then sent to SignSpeed who did a fabulous job of digitalising the children’s designs. and installing 4 window stickers to our main building.

Here are our awesome foursome…


We have also now created Four Purpose Character Profiles for each one too to help us all to work towards these.

We then used these core purposes along with the contextual information of our local community and catchment area to consider our whole school vision and aims.

Currently we have a Stakeholder survey out asking suggestions and opinions to seek what our pupils,parents,Governors, past pupils and community members think should be included in our curriculum. This will be fed into our curriculum design.

Curriculum Design